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What is Thalassotherapy?
The benefits of thalassotherapy come from the synergy of three complementary elements: sea water, seaweed and sea air. These energizing elements are incorporated into various treatments such as algotherapy, hydromassage, rain massage, mineral mud mask, and many other treatments offered at Aquamer.

Element 1: Sea water

In the same way as thermal treatments, water is at the core of thalassotherapy. Heated sea water helps relax blood vessels and activates the water’s properties. The bath triggers vasodilation, which improves circulation, relaxes muscle tissues and releases toxins. Mineral salts and trace elements can then enter the body more efficiently, restoring its energy. The cool sea water pumped from the river is high in bioelectric potential, as it is in constant movement and is charged with energy, just like the seaweed and the climate.

Element 2: Seaweed

The abundance of microscopic algae in sea water provides it with its bactericide and healing properties. Algae contain a large quantity of minerals and metalloids, along with diastases, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, chlorophyll, antibiotic substances, and more. Algae can be used in its natural state, stewed, or even made into a paste.

Element 3: Sea air

The influence of the climate on humans has long been known and widely accepted. Its effects on mental and physical health have drawn attention for many years, and medical climatology has been extensively researched and used in countless therapeutic treatments. Climatotherapy is the practice of incorporating elements of the climate into therapeutic treatments. Gaspésie’s natural marine climate is perfect for promoting toning and relaxation.

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