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Cure Thalasso & Hike
Duration : 5 days and +
Check out our new cure ideal for the lovers of fall season and hiking. From monday to friday, you start your day with a 2:30 morning hike followed by your thalassic treatments.
Packages Marine Cure
Duration : 5 days and +
The ideal duration to get the longest-lasting benefits from thalassotherapy is 5 days. The first days are dedicated to detoxifying the body. The following treatments are focused on cleansing the body and replenishing its minerals. The final treatments are focused on reenergizing the body and system, leaving you completely revitalized and centred. The positive effects of the treatment last for several months.


26 treatments // 5 days
To energize, relax and recharge yourself. This popular cure recharges your batteries with relaxing and invigorating treatments.


26 treatments // 5 days
To purify your body and mind. We focus on cleaning your respiratory and circulatory system that will also impact your state of mind. This cure is beneficial to smokers, people who suffers from allergies and resident of a polluted city.


26 treatments // 5 days
To ease one or many painful physical conditions, improve your flexibility and help you feel better. This cure also helps to ease your musculoskeletal injuries.

Without accommodation
Price : starting at $1350.00

With accommodation
Price : starting at $1980,10

Our Packages
Our Relaxation Getaway packages are ideal for unwinding from your busy everyday life. Choose from stays of 2, 3 or 4 days.
These packages include several thalassic and complementary treatments. You also have access to the seawater pool. Complete your package by adding complementary treatments. See the à la carte treatments for all options.

Relaxation Getaways

6-20 treatments // 2 or 3 days

Without accommodation
Price : starting at $439.40
With accommodation
Price : starting at $701,40

Marine Day

3-4 treatments // 1 day

With no accommodation
Price : starting at $199

Treatments À la carte

Facial treatments

Initial Facial Treatment
This deep cleaning treatment eliminates the first entry barriers for cosmetic products. It is the vital first step before any other high performance facial treatment, as it first provides a proper analysis of your skin’s condition.
Also available as a combo.
Aquamer Signature Treatment
This unique treatment, which has proven its positive results for over three decades, is adapted to all skin types and is especially recommended for skin that is often exposed to the elements. It begins with a facial lymphatic drainage treatment, which detoxes the system. A self-heating mask then provides a surprising cooling effect before gradually providing soothing warmth, and finally adjusting to your body’s temperature. It provides deep-cleaning action, lifts away impurities and rehydrates the skin, which absorbs the vitamin-rich cream applied before the treatment. The very first treatment will leave your skin smooth, youthful, revitalized and radiant.
Hydra Blue Treatment
This combination of products with ultra-sensory textures and a relaxing sculpting treatment will plunge your skin into a hydration bath with record efficiency. With just one treatment, your skin will be plumped, rested and glowing, revealing its natural freshness.
Also available as a combo.
Douceur Marine Treatment
This halo of softness is recommended for skin that is sensitive or prone to tugging sensations, diffuse redness or irritations. A cocooning treatment that softens the skin and improves its defence for a soothed, ideally hydrated epidermis, and an even complexion.
Also available as a combo.
Extended Youth Treatment
At the high end of scientific expertise and excellence in facial care, Phytomer Extended Youth offers unique results paired with a precious moment of total well-being. With just one treatment, wrinkles are visibly reduced and skin is firmer.
Also available as a combo.
Citylife Treatment
A fresh breeze blows through the spa to depollute the skin of city dwellers. You’ll truly feel like you’re on vacation by the seaside! Skin is intensely hydrated, signs of fatigue are erased, the complexion is more even, and the skin regains its freshness.
Serum add-ons
Add a specific serum to your Initial Facial Treatment based on your specific skin problems: redness, dark spots, dehydrated skin, wrinkles and fine lines, etc.
Neck and Lower Neckline Treatment
The skin of the neck and top part of the thorax is particularly fine and fragile. The absence of fats and sebaceous glands, responsible for nourishing the skin properly, are what make this zone prone to sagging. In order to prevent spots, redness and other blemishes caused by sun exposure, extend your facial treatment onto this sensitive area.
Eye Perfection Treatment
Alone or incorporated into the facial treatment of your choice, this expert eye contour treatment combines targeted effectiveness and total relaxation, for a look that’s glowing with youthful radiance. The rejuvenating sculpting treatment for the eye area provides immediate results. In just one treatment, the eye area is smoothed, revived and refreshed.
Marine Immersion
The Marine Immersion treatment is fifteen minutes of well-being for a remineralizing and revitalizing effect. Self-heating sea mud applied the length of your spine creates a moment of pure, deep relaxation. This treatment is best when added to facial treatments for treating fatigue, stress, or simply for a comforting cocooning experience.

Body treatments

Hair Treatment
This treatment repairs the scalp and hair based on their characteristics, leaving them healthy and radiant. It nourishes, strengthens, purifies and thickens, while adding brightness to colour with its mix of cream, algae, clay, heat wrapping and shampoo treatment. The treatment is finished with a sculpting treatment applied to your head and nape, which activates the products for a feeling of total relaxation and well-being.
Also available as a combo.
Seawater Spray
When inhaled, this sea fog has a decongestant effect on the sinuses and respiratory tract. Each session helps evacuate dust, pollution and nicotine deposits that can adhere to sinus walls. This treatment is recommended for smokers and non-smokers alike.
Nasal Hygiene Treatment (10 treatments)
This treatment is especially recommended and effective for allergy sufferers or those with problems related to asthma, pollution and chronic sinusitis. The sea spray cleans out the respiratory tract and helps you obtain a feeling of deep relaxation.
Recommended length of treatment: 5 to 6 days, 2 treatments per day.
Body wrap with exfoliation
This relaxing and invigorating treatment helps rid the body of its dead particles with the help of exfoliating products, followed by a gentle massage. It is ideal before long exposures to the sun, to help boost and preserve your tan. The treatment ends with a therapeutic bath, leaving your skin glowing, soft and hydrated.
Back Treatment
This relaxing exfoliation treatment combines all the steps of a thorough deep cleaning: thorough cleaning, sea salt exfoliation, blackhead extraction and relaxing massage. Heating clay is applied and rinsed off with hot towels at each step. This treatment is then completed with the application of an algae-based moisturizing cream. This moment of pure bliss is recommended for those with blackheads, papules or pimples on the back, or for those who are simply looking to pamper themselves!
Guided Underwater Jet Treatment
Move through different positions in a heated sea water bath under the controlled pressure of various jets. The movements, guided by a hydrotherapist, promote muscle relaxation while recharging them with micronutrients. A kind of underwater gymnastics! Indications: muscle relaxation, back and rheumatic pain relief.
Heavy Legs Treatment
Are your legs heavy? Are your ankles or feet swollen? This treatment is just for you. This lymphatic drainage stimulates lymphatic circulation and helps eliminate waste by relieving tension with either heat or cold.
Pressure Therapy
The inflatable intermittent, alternative compression boots used in pressure therapy improve circulation by promoting venous and lymphatic return to limbs. This treatment helps reduce and manage edema by reducing the excess interstitial fluid that causes swelling.
Thalasso-Spa Escape
We offer access to our Aqua-Relaxation zone, where you can enjoy many of our services for a morning or an afternoon. A moment of pure relaxation and serenity, just for you.
The Thalasso-Spa Escape gives you access to:
• Seawater pool;
• Whirlpool (unaccompanied);
• Relaxation area;
• One NeuroSpa session (30 minutes);
• Halotherapy room with hot sand (30 minutes);


Aquamer Signature Relaxation Massage
This gentle and firm oil massage focuses mainly on your muscles, but, your joints, skin, respiratory and nervous systems will also benefit from the effects of total relaxation. A great complement to our Marine Treatments, which promote relaxation and improve overall health.
Therapeutic Massage
This therapeutic massage combines a number of techniques and massages used to eliminate stress and pain. Efficiently improves physical and psychological health.
Rain Massage
The rain massage, performed under a fine stream of sea rain, stimulates muscle tone and balances out the nervous system. It is excellent for the entire back and for general relaxation. Indications: back pain.
Also available as a combo.
4-Handed Massage
With the four-handed massage, you will instantly disconnect, since your brain is no longer able to focus specifically on the treatment. Plunge into a state of total serenity while your body relaxes completely.
Inversion Table Treatment
Guided by a massage therapist, this treatment aims to restore mobility and flexibility to your spine and cervical region. Indications: mobility of neck and nape – shoulders and arms – spine– hips (sciatic nerve) – legs and feet.
Lymphatic Drainage
This manual technique aims to clear out lymphatic canals, release toxins and eliminate edema through the body’s natural evacuation routes. The gentle and highly precise manoeuvres help release tight muscles to create a feeling of total relaxation. Lymphatic circulation is known to slow during periods of stress, fatigue or physical inactivity. Indications: cellulite and edema.
Also available as a combo.

Hair removal, feet and hands treatments

Warm wax – Thighs
Warm wax – Underarms
Warm wax – Half legs
Warm wax – Full legs
Warm wax – Upper lip
Warm wax – Bikini line
Eyebrow waxing – Balayage
Eyebrow waxing – Full line
Manicure without nail polish
A manicure is a beauty treatment that gives your hands their natural soft and smooth appearance. This treatment focuses mainly on nails in order to strengthen them and remove the dead skin around them.
Also available as a combo.
Pedicure without nail polish
A pedicure involves soaking feet in a whirlpool bath, along with complete foot care: nail cleaning, callus treatment, exfoliation and massage.
Also available as a combo.


The Classic
• 1 facial treatment;
+ 1 pedicure;
+ 1 hair treatment.
Duo Algo + Bath
• Algotherapy;
+ Sea water hydromassage bath.
Duo Massage + Presso
• Aquamer Signature relaxation massage;
+ Pressure Therapy.
Duo RM + Presso
• Rain massage;
+ Pressure Therapy.
Duo Algo + RM
• Algotherapy;
+ Rain Massage.
Trio Algo + Bath + Presso
• Algotherapy;
+ Sea water hydromassage bath;
+ Pressure Therapy.
Trio Algo + RM + Presso
• Algotherapy;
+ Rain massage;
+ Pressure Therapy.
Trio Anti-Aging Treatment
• Cleansing Treatment (Initial Treatment or Douceur Marine);
+ Hydrating Treatment (Aquamer Signature or Hydra Blue);
+ Firming Treatment (Extended Youth);
+ Marine Immersion Treatment as a bonus.
Trio Heavy Legs
• Legs lymphatic drainage;
+ Legs mud mask;
+ Pressure Therapy.
4 treatments: Algo + Bath + Massage + Presso
• Algotherapy;
+ Sea water hydromassage bath;
+ Massage or Lymphatic drainage;
+ Pressure Therapy.
4 treatments: Algo + Bath + RM + Presso
• Algotherapy;
+ Sea water hydromassage bath;
+ Rain massage;
+ Pressure Therapy.
Our Activities
Join us in our sea waterpool once or many times a week to warm up
Bougez dans notre piscine d’eau de mer grâce à nos séances d’aqua-gym. Ou venez vous reposer le temps d’un après-midi avec notre pause Thalasso-Spa.

Aqua gym

Season 1 : From May 27th to July 20th. 2019 (8 weeks.)
Season 2 : From August 19th to Oct 12th. 2019 (8 weeks.)

1 session/week : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm or Saturday from 9 am to 10 am.
Cost : $80 tx inc.

2 sessions/week :
Monday-Wednesday. from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Tuesday-Thursday from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Cost : $145 tx inc.

3 sessions/week :
Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Cost : $210 tx inc.

Thalasso-Spa Escape

You have access to : our Aqua-Relaxation zone, where you can enjoy many of our services for a morning or an afternoon. A moment of pure relaxation and serenity, just for you.

Thalasso-Spa Escape gives you the access to :

  • Warm seawater pool;
  • Whirlpool (unaccompanied);
  • Relaxation area;
  • One NeuroSpa session (30 minutes);
  • Halotherapy room with hot sand;

Monday to Friday – Between 9 am to 5:30 pm. Reservations are required.

Cost : $60 +tx

Bathrobe and towel provided. (Bathing suit, bathing cap and sandals are mandatory)

Contact Us

To book your package, your à-la-carte treatments or for more information, write us here!