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The Inn
Built in 1907, this elegant and distinguished home already had everything needed to become a thalassotherapy centre, since at the time it was actually insulated with seaweed.
That’s why as soon as you walk in the door, you can feel the energy of the sea wrap you in a feeling of pure well-being.
The Aquamer complex was born out of the Inn. Over the years, as the centre grew in popularity, wings were added to the building to meet the needs of its growing clientele. Today, the Inn Is now the Aquamer Thalasso-Spa complex.
The Early days
Mrs. Yolande Dubois and Mr. Jules Corriveau settled in Carleton-sur-Mer in 1985. In order to fulfill their desire to create a seaweed-based product line, they founded the first sea therapy centre in Quebec. It was at this time that they took possession of the former hotel to transform it into a thalassotherapy centre. Very quickly, the name Aquamer became known across Quebec, and thousands of curists now come from near and far between June and October each year to relax and recharge thanks to specialized thalassotherapy treatments.
A New era
In 2018, after over 30 years of business, Mme Dubois passed the torch to a young couple of passionate entrepreneurs from Charlevoix, Mrs. Jocelyne Ouellet and Mr. Jean-François Pilote. The couple was naturally drawn by the values and mission of the business, as well as their love for the Gaspésie region. By taking over the centre, they ensured its continuity, while preserving its values and primary mission. Today, Aquamer Thalasso-Spa remains the only thalassotherapy centre in North America that offers live seawater treatments. The water, pumped from Baie des Chaleurs by a complex system which keeps it in constant movement, allows our visitors to benefit from all the mineral salts and marine trace minerals, for an incredible cleansing and energizing treatment!
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